3DViewStation: Release Notes v2020.1.385

On 14 October 2020, the new version v2020.1.385 of Kisters 3DViewStation was released. Some new functions and improvements have been added. We have prepared the new features and improvements of the updated Kisters 3DViewStation for you.

Download 3DViewStation

Here you can download the new version from us.

New formats

Import 3D

Export 3D

Import 2D

NX 1926 JT 8.1, 9.5 & 10.0 selectable via drop-down menu NX: NX 1926, 1930, 1934

Functions and features

  • Measurement of total/cumulative length for toolpath (laser, CNC, welding)
  • Export selected views as files: All created views can be automatically generated in single PNGs or as a multi-page PDF with physical properties
  • KAS Method: Export views
  • JT: Import setting for the (quality) level of tessellation
  • 2D: Improved zoom level
  • PDF: Support for embedded JT files

Improvements/ Bug fixes

  • Improved volume calculation in CAD models (Physical properties: Incorrect volume calculation in native CAD models #6276)
  • Improved PLMXML / VSXML progress status import (Import progress status information #57679)
  • Improved import of the assembly in SolidWorks SpeedPak (assembly could not be imported #4950)
  • Improved Solidworks charging performance (#6261)
  • Improvement of "Preferred Group (BREP) setting (SolidWorks: Assembly did not load with 'Preferred Geometry (BREP)')
  • Improved structure tree (vertical scroll bar disappeared after drag and drop #5603)


The following video shows the innovations of the 3DViewStation:

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