3DViewStation: Release Notes v2021.0

On 26 February 2021, Kisters released the new version v2021.0.6 of 3DViewStation. With this new 3DViewStation version, the manufacturer Kisters AG shows that software "Made in Germany" can not only keep up with other software, but also set innovative milestones.

Part of the latest version are new functions, features and improvements. We have summarised the new features and improvements of the updated Kisters 3DViewStation for you.

Download and further information

Here you can download the new version from us and test it free of charge for 30 days. Learn more about 3DViewStation here.

New formats

Import 3D

Import 2D

Export 2D

3MF, Solidworks 2021 Catia V6/ 3DEX-PERIENCE R2021x, Solid Edge 2021, Solidworks 2021, UG NZ: NX 1938, NX 1942, NX 1946 Export all views incl. thumbnails to PDF

Functions and features

  • Visualisation: Texture support
    • Supported data formats:
      • Import: OBJ, FBX, GLB/GLTF, DAE, U3D, 3DVS, 3MF
      • Export: 3DS, 3DVS
  • Draft angle analysis: new option for displaying undercuts
  • Cut:
    • Colour the cut surface with the geometry colour
    • new method:
      - Create section plane perpendicular to selected edge
      - The orientation of the section plane follows the contour of the edge
  • Measure: calculate shortest distance between selections of bodies
  • Measurements with points: Catch middle or end points of lines or edges
  • PMI: select all PMIs belonging to a geometry
  • Bill of Materials (BOM):
    • Extend BOM Table with attributes
    • Position graphic shows attribute
  • Attributes can be defined for markups
  • create the intersection of 2 edges
  • Extract lines retain the generation path
  • Aligning the camera position with a surface
  • Show current mouse coordinate in the status bar
  • VR only:
    • 2 new flight modes
    • Improved marking of the teleports
    • Change camera position in fixed steps
  • WebViewer only: now allows multiple users in the same session

Improvements/ Bug fixes

  • Improved 2D zoom function #6227
  • CATDrawing: Improved RAM utilisation #6030
  • DOC/XLS/PPT could not be opened #6519
  • Improved import of colours in FBX #6092
  • Improved stability when importing components with many nodes #6486
  • JT: Import of prototype attributes #6495
  • KAS: Generation of "empty" screenshots #6349
  • Improved markup creation in perspective mode for large components #6478
  • Improved markup alignment #6504
  • Improved PMI Highlighting #6670
  • Improved scaling and dimensioning with calibration factor #6479 #6338 #6303 #6434 #6551
  • No more generation of the VR symbol #6511
  • Solidworks: Support for EPM Vault location #6481
  • SV: Export of cutting colours and cutting geometries #5775
  • Wall Thickness Heatmap: Improved visualisation #6415
  • Webviewer: Standby sessions can now be continued #6277

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