InspectionXpert 2.0 SP9.2

Release Notes InspectionXpert 2.0 SP9.2


SP 9.2 addresses bugs reported by customers

  • Issues seen when exporting measurements with appropriate colors to an excel report have been fixed.
  • Issues seen when exporting a PDF after replacing the drawing are fixed.
  • Any improperly recognized characters when OCR is done on a GDT feature control frame will be removed.
  • Issues seen with exporting feature control frames on CAD drawings are fixed.
  • Issues seen with the VDA Balloons' pointer being rotated are fixed.
  • Issues seen with ungrouping annotations are fixed.
  • Issues seen with reading vertical limit or range dimensions are fixed.
  • Probleme bei Bezugslinien zu VDA-Prüfstempel wurden behoben.
  • When updating to a newer version of InspectionXpert earlier set applications options were reset for certain users, this will not happen again as the issue is fixed.
  • Anwendungsoptionen für einzelne Benutzer zurückgesetzt. Dieses Problem ist mit der aktuellen Version behoben.

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