KeyViews Camera Eye

The CAD Viewer with the camera eye

KeyView, the CAD viewer, has long been the optimal choice for many users when it comes to quick and easy analyses of 3D models. Here you will find powerful viewing, analysis and converter functionalities in just one system.

What always annoys many users with other tools is that you cannot simply look around an object, at least not without certain difficulties. In order to reach the target, you first have to create sections, then move them again and again, etc. - But not with KeyView, the CAD viewer!

keyview camera eye

Here is a function that makes the user's life easier: the "camera eye! With it, one can easily and without fuss "fly into" the "desired" object.

This is how it works: Open the "Window" menu in CAD Viewer KeyView and go to "Expert mode".

Now you specify a camera position and then the direction of the angle of view.
A separate camera eye window appears immediately. There you have various options to make further settings.

If you now activate the angle of view in the "Options", you get a view pyramid displayed in the main window of KeyView, the CAD Viewer, to help you orientate yourself for the "flight".

This always has a so-called dynahandle at the camera position to move the camera. This gives you many dynamic editing functions. In the main window as well as in the camera eye window, for example, you have the possibility to move the camera itself, but also the viewing directions.

The mouse wheel can be used to adjust the viewing angle, if desired. Everything is possible with the CAD Viewer: from wide angle to real telezoom!

We hope you enjoy testing it now!

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