Free InspectionXpert Webinar Series

Sad but true: there are still plenty of responsible test planners who can only dream of no longer having annoying transmission errors when preparing test reports, or finally getting rid of tedious and time-consuming routine work.


But wake up now: With the help of the ingenious EMPB software InspectionXpertWith InspectionXpert, drawings and models can be digitally stamped, features automatically recorded and transferred to inspection report templates with just one click. No more dreaming: creating a professional inspection report becomes child's play with the help of InspectionXpert.

Test report in minutes?

Find out with our free webinar what the phrase "intuitive operation" can also mean for you; let us demonstrate live how easily you too can generate a professional inspection report with just a few clicks.

Learn how, for example, self-scanned documents can also be used and how target values and associated tolerance values can be easily recorded with the help of optical text recognition (OCR).

From now on, on every first and third Thursday of the month, we will show interested parties in our free webinar how an inspection report can be created "in no time at all" and how a time saving of at least 50 to almost 90 percent can be achieved.


We offer different topics on EMPB webinars. On our Webinar page you will get an overview of all relevant information.

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