New version of KeyCreator available

V14.5 of KeyCreator available

The CAD solution for more possibilities: With the brand new version 14.5 of the CAD programme KeyCreator, the tool now comes to the software market with new, powerful functions.

As a spokesperson for the Leonberg-based IT company K2D-KeyToData GmbH emphasised, KeyCreator thus once again underlines that it is the "CAD software solution with the best price-performance ratio on the market".
One of the great strengths of KeyCreator is that data can be exchanged between the most diverse CAD systems, "plus smart CAD/CAM functions at their best". In addition to a modelling mode for creating wireframe, surface and volume models in 3D, there is a layout mode for a wide variety of views of constructions. With the help of KeyCreator, these 3D data can be easily opened from almost all common software programmes and 2D derivations for manufacturing and / or quality control can be easily created.

"Decades of experience" pay off: KeyCreator has been continuously developed for more than 20 years and offers numerous sophisticated tools with which the highest productivity can be achieved. Only KeyCreator has made it possible for many companies to design prototypes and products economically: "The uncomplicated handling facilitates and accelerates the development of new projects and thus saves a lot of time and costs"!

According to K2D, the highlights of the new version include the even easier usability of the software, functions such as the undercut / pull-out analysis for the absolutely trouble-free inspection of castings as well as the simple setting via the user-friendly dialogue window of the draft angle analysis.
From now on, parts that are not to be cut can be selected flexibly. Selected parts are marked as "do not cut" and saved with the respective part. Section views can now be easily and conveniently rotated in layout mode.

Also new is the sensible alignment of auxiliary lines / dimensions in the quick dimensioning. Access is now via the extended context menu. Last but not least, the current version includes another update of the already diverse import interfaces of KeyCreator.

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