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Standardised and automated. Two terms that go hand in hand with the digital transformation. The software for initial sample inspection reports InspectionXpert combines both worlds and is thus able to produce initial sample inspection reports up to 70% faster.

Manual stamping of drawings is time consuming

Test planners often spend several hours finding, checking and finally improving transmission errors. In addition, there are other routine tasks which, like the error improvement itself, are also time-consuming.

With InspectionXpert, drawings and models can be digitally stamped, features automatically captured and transferred to inspection report templates. This makes the time-consuming process of creating inspection reports child's play with InspectionXpert, resulting in professional and error-free inspection reports.

Experience automated test planning live

The software trading company K2D-KeyToData GmbH, based in Leonberg, offers free webinars on current EMPB topics every first and third Thursday of the month. In the free webinars, participants have the opportunity to get their own impression of InspectionXpert. Concrete topics from practice are discussed and questions are answered directly.

Jochen Layer, Managing Director of K2D-KeyToData GmbH, promises: "Find out with our free webinar what the phrase "intuitive operation" can also mean for you; let us demonstrate live how easily you too can generate a professional initial sample inspection report with just a few clicks!"

New webinar series: "How do I create an AS9102 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) with InspectionXpert?"

This year you can expect the new webinar series "How do I create an AS9102 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) with InspectionXpert?". You will be shown how to automatically record inspection characteristics from PDF/TIF drawings (also scanned drawings), fill in the characteristics list (Form 3 in AS9102), enter measured values from hand-held measuring equipment and create an AS9102 initial sample inspection report.

You can download a free AS9102 Excel template from KeyToData. here download.

Press Release-New Webinar Series-AS9102-KeyToData

More webinar topics to look forward to

With the free webinars, further topics around the initial sample inspection report are covered. On the Webinar page from KeyToData, you can register for a webinar of your choice:

Current webinar series:

  • How do I create AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) with InspectionXpert?
  • How do I create a VDA Initial Sample Inspection Report (EMPB) with InspectionXpert?
  • How do you create the dimensional inspection results of a PPAP inspection report?
  • How do you automatically output measurement results to an EMPB?

Missed the webinar? No problem!

Have you missed a webinar or would you like to decide for yourself when to watch the webinar? Even if you cannot attend, you will automatically receive a link with the recording of the webinar when you register.

A record of how AS9102 initial sample inspection reports are created with InspectionXpert can be viewed via the Vimeo channel from KeyToData.

Info about InspectionXpert

For general information on product functionality, licensing and pricing of the EMPB software InspectionXpert, please visit the Overview page from KeyToData.

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