Relaunch 2017: The switch has been flipped

The switch has been flipped!

As of today, the brand new website of K2D-KeyToData GmbH is live. In addition to a fresh, responsive design and new functionalities, this newsroom was created to respond even better to the needs of visitors and to provide far more information than a "normal blog"!

In interview: Jochen Layer, founder, managing director of K2D-KeyToData GmbH.

Mr Layer, how did the decision come about to say goodbye to the previous website?
Basically, I have to say: I actually still liked our "old" site very much. Nevertheless, the relaunch had been on our agenda for some time. There is a well-known saying that "standing still is taking a step backwards" - who wants that!
The evaluation of our web statistics had recently shown a rapid increase in the use of mobile devices. This need for websites to be "responsive" today, i.e. to adapt to the respective screen, was one of the main reasons for our relaunch. It goes without saying that this also requires a modern, responsive design. The possibility of navigating through the pages via a touchscreen with a simple swipe is something we have all basically already internalised. The trend today is to simply "move away from clicking and towards scrolling", so we simply had to do something about this technically. Our new flexible web design now doesn't care whether a prospective customer or a customer communicates with us via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

But surely an internet presence is also a marketing tool?
Of course, our web presence is also a marketing tool: the internet presence is the first impression of a company and thus the business card! The design of our new website should appeal to our existing customers, but also reach our target groups better than before. It was very important to me that our products can be explained and found even better. Keyword search engine optimisation - of course we also want to increase our findability for important keywords with the relaunch.

How important was the so-called "usability" to you?
It's simple: we asked ourselves "Do our visitors actually always find exactly what they need and do they find it as uncomplicated and fast as possible? Does the site structure meet the needs of our users and visitors? Is the navigation concept coherent? Does it fit our corporate structure?
With our previous appearance, there were still weaknesses in the intuitive grasp of the menu structure, especially in the "depth" of the website. The previous navigation concept therefore had to be rethought and modified.
It is clear that an entrepreneurial website must never be an end in itself. It is always about the user. We asked ourselves, "What added value can we offer our customers"? Do they have difficulties finding their way around?
Our products are known for being easy and quick to use; this should also be reflected in our new web presence.

Today, communication with customers is increasingly taking place online. How important is that for K2D-Key2Data GmbH?
We see our website as an "additional communication channel to our customers". In this respect, our website is a kind of "extended arm".
But it is important to me that this does not mean that we neglect our other channels. I am still firmly convinced that personal contact is the most important means of communication. This will not change in the future - despite all the technical possibilities.

Are there also significant changes in content?
Of course, a website relaunch is not only about new design and new functions. On the one hand, our pages are now faster, more up-to-date and more clearly structured.
Our new newsroom now represents the central online link to our customers and interested parties. In terms of content, we want to go far beyond the mere dissemination of information and promotional information and report regularly on current trends, tips & tricks and much more.
An important content core will be our national and international reports on reference projects, which offer our visitors real added value and food for thought.
Our website should be just as dynamic as the development of our products. This is exactly what we have taken into account with this relaunch!

What can we expect in the future in terms of web communication at K2D?
Our medium-term goal is a reliable service support à la "24×7": With such a "round-the-clock" service, our web presence becomes a more far-reaching communication channel than before. Why, for example, should it not be possible to start support requests to Key2Data via the tablet or one's smartphone?

Basically, we are very excited to see what else awaits us technically in the next few years. I can only say this much - we are looking forward to it!


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