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The QC software 1factory does what five different quality management systems used to do.

Quality management with 1factory

1factory offers much more than just test planning!


Awards for the software

Awards for the 1Factory software from G2 2022
1Factory Logo - Quality Management Software

Quality management software

All QM tools in one software

With 1factory, you accelerate quality control - from the creation of inspection drawings and control plans to the collection of inspection data as well as analysis and reporting. With automated inspection planning and quality control, you prevent errors and can rely on first-class data quality.

Access for suppliers and external employees

You can securely integrate external employees and suppliers into your quality management process via the 1factory platform. This way, the entire team can securely access quality control plans, inspection and test data or certificates.

Define and fix control procedures

You work with suppliers and employees to develop quality control plans and ensure compliance. Inspection data from the production site is digitally imported directly into the quality management system (QMS) and can be controlled and monitored via the software. 

Accelerating the introduction of new products

With 1factory, you digitise, standardise and simplify the FAIR and PPAP process for your suppliers and your team. Problems can thus be identified and solved at an early stage before individual components enter the supply chain. You control and manage necessary supplier corrective actions (SCARs) and other deliverables via your own dashboards and scorecards.

A quality management software with many features


Stamp PDF drawings

Read, edit and stamp PDF drawings with one software.

" More about PDF drawings

Initial sample inspection report

Create automated initial sample inspection reports and import measurement data from digital measuring devices.

" More about the EMPB

Test plan

With the test planning software 1factory you can create test plans faster than ever!

" More about test plans

Data import from CMM

Import data from coordinate measuring machine (CMM), caliper or in-circuit test equipment (ICT).

"More about data import

Incoming inspection

Inspect incoming components and products, record visual and dimensional inspections.

Production control

Measure parameters and use e.g. visual controls to prevent production errors.

Inspection at final acceptance

Test finished parts or products and create Certificates of Conformity (CoC) and Final Acceptance Protocol.

Process capability (Cp, Cpk)

Automatically calculate metrics for process capability (Cp, Cpk) and process performance (Pp, Ppk).

Statistical process control (SPC)

Use customised diagrams and rules to control manufacturing processes to quickly detect anomalies.

Detection of defect risks

1factory automatically calculates production yield and flags high-risk batches and features.


Record work order, batch, serial number, date code, operator name, gauge ID, measurement date and time, etc.


Record manufacturing defects, incoming inspection defects, on-site repair problems, customer complaints, deviations, etc.


Save time when creating PPAPs and minimise unnecessary data entry.

Test equipment management

Assign storage locations to test equipment and organise returns of test equipment to the warehouse.

Calibration of test equipment

Manage a list of meters with calibration data due. Automatic notification of due calibrations.

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Measurement system analyses (Gage R&R) with configurable number of operators, parts and trials.

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1factory is a pure web application, no software download is required.
1factory -
Quality management software
user-friendly software

Intuitive User-Interface


Extremely short loading times, even for large assemblies


1 Software for many applications


Ongoing optimisation of the software

Advantages of the QM software


1factory stands for automated quality management and maximum performance in manufacturing.

Software with very good usability

Employees from production and development rate the user-friendliness of 1factory as "very good". The intuitive structure of the QM software ensures that all important functions can be learned quickly.

Process large amounts of data in no time

1factory can easily handle drawings, plans and inspections with more than a thousand parameters and batch sizes of thousands of parts. The QM software can effortlessly perform inspections requiring more than one million measurements per batch (1000 characteristics x 1000 parts).

New software functions available regularly

We are constantly working on improving the 1factory software! As a rule, you will find a new function every six weeks, and we specifically take into account the wishes of our customers.

A short training period is guaranteed at 1factory

Create an account for your team in just a few minutes. With a training period of less than two hours, you already have a good overview of the most important functions of the software and can start with the first inspections or test planning.

Quality management in manufacturing

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality assurance and control are part of an overall quality system, the quality management system (QMS). 
Quality assurance is usually carried out proactively and is intended to prevent defective products from being mass-produced. In contrast, quality controls are reactive: defective products are to be quickly detected and sorted out through tests and examinations.

Quality assurance explained quickly!

Definition: Quality assurance (QA) can be seen as a preventive measure in the manufacturing process. This is where the standards for product quality are defined. The quality assurance process should already take effect before the production of products in order to prevent problems during manufacturing.

Quality assurance focuses on the structure and planning of the production process. Quality control, on the other hand, focuses directly on the part or product to be manufactured.

Quality control explained quickly!

Definition: After a quality assurance process has been fixed, quality control (QC) takes place.

In manufacturing, quality control is a control procedure that is intended to ensure that manufactured products or product parts meet predefined quality criteria and are produced without defects.

During quality control, defects in production can be quickly identified before larger quantities of defective products are manufactured.

Quality assurance and control

Summary: Quality assurance establishes the production standards and rules with regard to product quality; in the subsequent quality control, the part to be produced is then tested and examined on the basis of the previously established standards and rules. Both processes are intended to prevent defective goods from being produced or delivered to the manufacturer.

Quality management software (QM software)

1Factory Logo - Quality Management Software

1factory in use at Ultra Machining Company (UMC)

Play Video about 1Factory, software for inspection planning, in use at UMC

You don't use quality management software yet?

10 reasons for the QM software 1factory

  1. Intuitive User-Interface
    The 1factory QM software is exceptionally user-friendly and is rated "very good" by users in manufacturing and development alike.

  2. Outstanding performance
    1factory can easily handle drawings, inspection plans and inspection data with several thousand inspection characteristics and batch sizes of thousands of parts, i.e. it can perform inspections requiring more than 1 million measurements per batch (1000 characteristics x 1000 parts).

  3. Powerful end-to-end functionality
    No other system on the market offers the variety and depth of functionality that 1factory does. The 1factory QM software does what five different quality management systems used to do.

  4. New functions every 6 weeks

    In product development, 1factory not only relies on years of experience in manufacturing, but also takes customer feedback into account when improving the QM software.

  5. Go-live in 2 hours
    Your team will have their accesses created in minutes and will be trained in less than two hours, ready to go live with their first test plans and exams.
  1. No restrictions for "concurrent" users
    1factory's powerful technology ensures that thousands of users from over 15 countries can access the system at the same time without any loss of performance.

  2. No additional IT effort
    1factory is web-based and requires no additional IT effort. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.
    The QM software uses your existing technology for data collection and increases the productivity of your company without large investments in new hardware.

  3. No hidden costs

    The 1factory pricing model is simple and affordable, with no hidden costs. Your subscription includes support (phone, email, remote) and ongoing product enhancements.

  4. Quick return on your investment (ROI)
    Unlike other systems where it takes years to recoup your investment, 1factory delivers ROI within weeks! With 1factory, our customers save thousands of man hours every year and reduce scrap and rework costs.

  5. Save time
    1factory simplifies the collection, management, analysis and reporting of quality assurance data, saving many hours of quality assurance work.


Production test plan created automatically with 1factory

Test planning

Test plans
(Quality Control Plan)

Quickly create inspection plans from PDF drawings or by importing Excel spreadsheets. Define inspection characteristics (what to measure), specifications (allowable range of values), inspection methods (how to measure) and sampling rules (how many measurements to take). Assign parameters and define inspection methods and sampling rules by inspection type: first article inspection, incoming goods inspection, production inspection and final inspection.

Features of the test planning software

  • Change history
  • Version control
  • Simultaneous editing of grouped features
  • Capture standard tolerances
  • Cloning of inspection characteristics
  • Variable (numeric), attributes (pass/fail), calculated specifications

Automatic stamping of PDF files

CAD drawings (in PDF format) can be read with the 1factory stamping software and automatically provided with inspection stamps. Transfer all inspection characteristics to your inspection plan with a mouse click and save hundreds of working hours per year.

Stamp PDF drawings with 1factory:

  • Capture of: Nominal values with and without tolerances or min/max dimensions, form and position tolerances, annotations as well as sheet number and grid area
  • Inserting, deleting and renumbering inspection stamps
  • Definition of the test stamp start number per drawing sheet
  • Enlarge, reduce and move the test stamp
  • Rotate and replace drawings

Stamping PDF drawings with the Ballooning software 1factory

Stamping PDF drawings with 1Factory software

Initial sample inspection report
(First Article Inspection, AS9102)

With 1factory you can automatically create initial sample inspection reports (EMPB).

1factory accelerates the initial sample inspection process by automating test drawing creation, CMM data collection and initial sample inspection report generation. EMPBs (FAIR) can be created in industry standard formats (e.g. VDA, PPAP, AS9102 format) or user-defined. EMPB data can be easily retrieved via a powerful search function.

With 1factory, initial sample inspection reports are quickly created!

  • Import of CMM data (CMM data)
  • Automated reports
  • EMPB (FAI) Data management, search and retrieval
  • Standard formats (VDA, AS9102, PPAP) or custom

Create initial sample inspection reports with 1factory

Initial sample inspection report

Testing with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Testing with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

1factory supports:

Zeiss CalypsoStarrett
MitutoyoCirrus In-Circuit Tester
CMM ManagerOpen DMIS
Oasisand many more ...

Automated data import from coordinate measuring machines (CMM)

The use of efficient software in inspection planning saves many hours of quality control.

1factory supports data import from various digital measuring devices, such as calipers, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), in-circuit test equipment (ICT) as well as test equipment. Data import via .xlsx, .csv, .txt, etc. is also possible!

Since the data is transferred directly from the tester into 1factory, data entry errors can be avoided. The possibility of incomplete or missed tests is also minimised with 1factory.

In your company, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are used around the clock all year round?

The 1factory QM software supports them in the automatic data acquisition of various measuring devices (e.g. optical as well as tactile CMMs) and testing devices (e.g. in-circuit testers).


99.99% Power availability

In the last six years, the cloud software 1factory has achieved an availability of 99.99 percent. Over 120 million parts have already been tested with 1factory. 

We obtain data for monitoring system availability from an independent, external service provider. Our customers can view metrics on accessibility and availability in real time. 

1factory backs up the database daily. The files are stored redundantly on hard disks.

industries that successfully use the 1factory software:

Aerospace Icon

FAIRs according to AS9102 / EN9102

Automotive industry icon

FAI according to VDA / PPAP

Plastics processing industry Icon

Semiconductor industry

Mechanical and plant engineering Icon

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Metal Industry Icon

Metal processing industry

Medical technology icon

Medical Devices


Packaging industry


Optical industry

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What our customers say
About the 1factory QM software

Customer Testimonials


1factory in use at Ultra Machining Company (UMC)

UMC is a manufacturer of precision components for medical devices, aerospace, security and defence applications. The products are very complex, with 100 to 800 features per product.

The 1factory QM software now does what five different quality control systems used to do. Around the clock, the data from 20 coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and eight virtual coordinate measuring machines (VCMM) are now automatically uploaded into 1factory. At UMC, more than one million measurements are now carried out with 1factory every month.

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Prices for the QM software


30-day money-back guarantee for all versions of the software

The software subscription is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled 60 days before the end of the cancellation period.

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    Supply Chain
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Enterprise &
Supply Chain
1factory functions
Price per year
for 5 users

Net prices plus statuary VAT
on request
From 20 users

on request
From 20 users
5 Suppliers
Additional users for an additional charge
Automatic stamping of PDF drawingsPDF Auto-BallooningPDF Auto-BallooningPDF Auto-Ballooning
Test plans (Control Plan)Control Plans
Test plans (control plan) with version controlControl Plans with Version ControlControl Plans with Version Control
Feature librarySpec Library
Feature library with version controlSpec Library with Version ControlSpec Library with Version Control
Initial sample tests, AS9102First Article Inspections, AS9102First Article Inspections, AS9102First Article Inspections, AS9102
Acquisition of measured values, import of CMM dataCMM Data Import (2)
Acquisition of measured values, automatic import of CMM dataCMM Data Import (2) with Auto-UploadCMM Data Import (2) with Auto-Upload
PPAP: internal to the companyPPAP: InternalPPAP: Internal
PPAP: internal, suppliersPPAP: Internal, Supplier
Manufacturing inspectionWork In-Process InspectionWork In-Process InspectionWork In-Process Inspection
Final inspectionFinished Goods InspectionFinished Goods InspectionFinished Goods Inspection
Run Charts & HistogramsRun charts & histogramsRun charts & histogramsRun charts & histograms
SPC, Western Electric RulebookSPC, Western Electric RulesSPC, Western Electric RulesSPC, Western Electric Rules
Process capability Cp Cpk Pp PpkProcess Capability Cp Cpk Pp PpkProcess Capability Cp Cpk Pp PpkProcess Capability Cp Cpk Pp Ppk
Risk analysisDefect Risk AnalysisDefect Risk AnalysisDefect Risk Analysis
Deviation reports (NCR)Non-conformances (NCRs)Non-conformances (NCRs)Non-conformances (NCRs)
Corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), 8D reportsCorrective actions (CAPAs), 8D reportsCorrective actions (CAPAs), 8D reportsCorrective actions (CAPAs), 8D reports
Audit resultsAudit FindingsAudit FindingsAudit Findings
Task and activity trackingTasks & Action Item TrackingTasks & Action Item TrackingTasks & Action Item Tracking
Pareto diagrams for defectsDefect Pareto ChartsDefect Pareto ChartsDefect Pareto Charts
Testing equipment Calibration managementGage Calibration ManagementGage Calibration ManagementGage Calibration Management
Gauge management (issue and return)Gage Issue & ReturnGage Issue & ReturnGage Issue & Return
List of approved suppliers (AVL)Approved Vendor List (AVL)Approved Vendor List (AVL)
Incoming goods inspections (IQC)Incoming Inspection (IQC)Incoming Inspection (IQC)
Data storage separated by organisation/areaData Partitioned by Org/DivisionData Partitioned by Org/Division
Validation scriptsValidation ScriptsValidation Scripts
Electronic signaturesElectronic SignaturesElectronic Signatures
Dispatch of inspection plans to suppliersSending Control Plans to Suppliers
Evaluation of supplier inspection plansReviewing Control Plans from Suppliers
Evaluation and approval of supplier EMPBsReviewing and Approving FAIs from Suppliers
Control of ongoing audits at suppliersReviewing on-going Inspections from Suppliers
Messages between supplier and customerMessaging between Supplier & Customer
Supplier corrective actions (SCARs)Supplier Corrective Actions (SCARs)
Supplier DashboardSupplier Quality Dashboard
Automated supplier evaluation formsAutomated Supplier Scorecards
Extension Single-Sign-On SSO (4)SSO Add-On (4)SSO Add-On (4)
Extension programming interface API (3)API Add-On (3)API Add-On (3)
Hosted on AWS Cloud Hosted on AWS GovCloudHosted on AWS GovCloudHosted on AWS GovCloud
(1) A trial account is available for up to two weeks. Each trial account includes an unlimited number of users and includes a free one-hour training session.
(2) CMM file import: Standard CMM output file formats are supported and included in the price. A one-off development fee is charged for customised file formats.
(3) The API programming interface is subject to a surcharge.
(4) Single Sign-On (SSO) will be invoiced separately.
(5) All subscriptions require a minimum contract term of one year. Payments are due at the beginning of the contract term.
(6) The 1factory terms of use apply to all accounts.

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KeyToData offers more than just software sales: with us you get the best possible service and guaranteed expertise in test planning.

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Software with money-back guarantee

KeyToData offers you a money-back guarantee within 30 days of the purchase of the subscription software.


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    FAQ on quality management

    Important questions about the 1factory QM software

    Does the 1factory software already contain templates for test planning and can own templates be created?

    The 1factory software contains templates for initial sample inspection reports (VDA, PPA, AS9102, etc.) and inspection plans. Of course, customer-specific test reports and test plans can also be created and used.

    How is the 1factory QM software put into operation? Which systems are supported?

    1factory is a pure web application, so no software needs to be downloaded and installed. The QM software is operating system independent and runs on Windows computers as well as Apple devices or Linux. The only requirement for the operation of the software is that a common web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, is installed.

    Is cooperation with external service providers and suppliers possible at 1factory?

    Yes, the software enables you to work closely with suppliers and other external service providers via the 1factory platform. Important documents such as quality control plans, inspection and test data or certificates can be shared quickly and securely with different people via the web application.

    Can 1factory use data from InspectionXpert?

    Yes, the 1factory QM software can import and reuse data created with InspectionXpert.

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