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Ideagen Quality Control Professional
(formerly InspectionXpert)

50% time saving in Inspection Report generation. Publish Inspection Reports according to VDA, PPAP, AS9102 or custom templates. 

First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

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FAI-software for First Article Inspection

Fast First Article Inspection Report creation!

InspectionXpert is rebranded to Ideagen Quality Control Professional

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The EMPB software InspectionXpert was renamed Ideagen Quality Control in July 2023.

EMPB Software Ideagen Quality Control

For a consistent brand experience, software manufacturer Ideagen is changing the name of its EMPB software InspectionXpert to Ideagen Quality Control. You can find more information on this here. The name change from InspectionXpert to Ideagen Quality Control does not affect your existing contracts, licences or support agreements.

First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

The FAIR is reporting all inspections of the "Initial Sample".

Initial Sample

The Initial Sample is the first product manufactured entirely with the means of production and under the conditions that are to be used for series production.

Initial Sample production

In order to exclude the production of defective goods in series production, a test run under conditions that are as realistic as possible is carried out before serial production. The products produced in the test run, the so-called Initial Samples, are presented to the customer for testing.

By means of the Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR or FAIR) manufacturers, suppliers or customers can inpect and report all product properties in detail. All important dimensions, materials and properties of the initial sample are reported in the First Article Inspection Report. If deviations occur during production, these are reported in detail in the Initial Sample Inspection Report so that Corrective Actions can be taken immediately.

Nominal and the Actual values of a product are reported in the FAIR

Even before production, the Initial Sample Inspection Report can be used to specify what the supplier must comply with during the production of the goods; in addition, the Initial Sample Inspection Report is containing the nominal values and tolerances for the production of a product. After production, the initial sample inspection report is then used to check the actual values.

FAI-Software for automated Inspection Planning

Nowadays, usually a software is used to create Initial Sample Inspection or Firats Article Reports, so-called FAI-software. The software enables a procedure that is as standardised as possible, so that all Inspection Reports - regardless of the creator - look the same and have the same content (apart from the values to be entered). In our experience, the standardised procedure for the creation of Inspection Reports via software can significantly reduce the error rate in Inspection Reports.

EMPB Software Ideagen Quality Control

Software in Action

FAI-Software for Purchasing and Suppliers

The FAI-software Ideagen Quality Control makes it so easy to balloon the characteristics.
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Reach your goal more efficiently with Ideagen Quality Control

The FAI-Software Ideagen Quality Control offers the funtionalities and numerous report templates you need for an error-free and precise First Article Inspection Report.

Growth through automation Arrow
Time saving through Automation

Time saving through Automation

With Ideagen's software solution, test planning and the creation of EMPBs takes only a few minutes.

Recognise changes

Recognise Drawing Changes

A comparison of drawing revisions shows changes at a glance. Using the software, changes can be made quickly - without having to start all over again.

<b>Collect:</b> Import measurements

Import CMM Data automatically

Ideagen Quality Control enables the automated reading of measurement data and replaces manual input into tables.

user-friendly software

Intuitive User-Interface

Benefit from a short training period and the intuitive operation of the software. A highly qualified support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Do you still balloon your part drawings manually?

Thanks to the automated Inspection Planning with the FAI software Ideagen Quality Control our customers able able to create theit FAIRs up to 70 % faster.

Ideagen Quality Control: using the FAI-software, you optimise your inspection planning by digital ballooning of inspection characteristics and automated creation of standardised inspection reports. The standardised procedure via software is far less error-prone than the conventional creation of inspection reports and manually ballooning.

Up to 70% Time savings through process optimisations

Without FAI software
Ideagen Quality Control

0 +

With EMPB software
Ideagen Quality Control

With the software solution from Ideagen, initial sample inspection reports are quickly created!

Advantages of the FAI-Software

Why Ideagen Quality Control?

The FAI-Software Ideagen Quality Control stands for automated inspection planning and creates standardised FAIRs e.g. according to VDA, PPAP, AS9102. The various templates for Inspection Reports are already included in the software, and you can also use your own templates.

Advantages of the EMPB software Ideagen Quality Control

  • Balloon drawings digitally: insert, add, delete or renumber inspection balloons.
  • Import measurement values from hand-held measuring devices or various CMM systems
  • Create Inspection Reports using standard templates provided or use your own user-defined templates

Highly qualified support team

We take care of a smooth and fast software implementation process in your company.

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Unlimited support at no additional cost.

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Free online training courses.

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Video tutorials

Access to comprehensible explanatory videos.

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Satisfaction guarantee

30-day money back guarantee.

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Digital Ballooning of drawings

Balloon characteristics in your PDF drawings and extract their values at the same time.

This is what the software solution can do Ideagen Quality Control:

  • Recognition of nominal values and tolerances
  • Automatic Recognition of Geometrical tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Insert, add, delete and renumber balloons
  • Read in new drawing revisions and adjust inspection characteristics
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

Importing measurements into the FAI-Software

Import measurements from various measuring devices or CMMs into the FAI-Software.

This is what the software solution can do Ideagen Quality Control:

  • Read measurement values directly from hand-held measuring devices (calipers, dial gauges, etc.).
  • Import measurement data files CMMs
  • Automatically assign measured values to the corresponding inspection characteristic

Create automated First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs)

The Ideagen Quality Control template editor allows you to create your own test report templates or customise existing templates.

This is what the software solution can do Ideagen Quality Control:

  • Create Inspection Reports using the standard templates provided, e.g. EMPB VDA, PPAP, AS9102
  • Create or use your own Inspection Report templates
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Webinars on our EMPB software Ideagen Quality Control

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Every month we offer two different - free of charge - Webinars (in German language) . During the webinars we will show you, how you can use the FAI software Ideagen Quality Control to balloon drawings with just a few clicks, extract characteristics at the same time and publish inspection reports (VDA, PPAP, AS9102 or user-defined).
Training via webinar

What is the content of an First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)?

FAIRs according to VDA, PPAP, AS9102

By providing a First Artical Inspection Report a supplier can, for example, prove to his customer that he is able to manufacture the product in series in a consistent quality. Accordingly, a First Artical Inspection Report contains all requirements for the quality of the product and the documentation of the inspections performed.

Depending on the complexity and industry, further documents may be required for a First Artical Inspection Report, such as:
  • Bill of material (BOM)
  • Specifications
  • Release documents
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Production control plans
KeyCreator Ideagen Quality Control also meets your requirements! Company-specific First Artical Inspection Report forms can be created and saved as templates.

Ideagen Quality Control is suitable for companies in the manufacturing sector:

Automotive industry icon

FAI according to VDA / PPAP

Aerospace Icon

FAIRs according to AS9102 / EN9102

Plastics processing industry Icon

Injection Molding

Mechanical and plant engineering Icon

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Metal Industry Icon

Metal Fabrication

Medical technology icon

Medical Devices

We are experts for FAIRs

KeyToData is a certified EU partner of Ideagen Quality Control Professional.

More than just software: With us you get the best possible service and guaranteed expertise.

Software with money-back guarantee

Within 30 days after the purchase.

KeyToData offers you a money-back guarantee within 30 days of the purchase of the subscription software.


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Our customers are always our focus. We are only satisfied when you are too. Convince yourself of Ideagen Quality Control.

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(formerly InspectionXpert)

Our customers were able to create their First Artical Inspection Reports up to 70 % faster by automated inspection planning.

Prices for the FAI-software

Ideagen Quality Control

30 days money-back guarantee for all editions

  • Ideagen Quality Control
    Professional Standard
  • Ideagen Quality Control
    Professional Advanced

Software functions:
Ideagen Quality Control
Professional Standard
Ideagen Quality Control
Professional Advanced

Software functions:
Per year
Net prices plus statuary VAT
Per year
Net prices plus statuary VAT
Free support
Opening PDF/TIF files
VDA, PPAP and AS9102 inspection report templates
User-defined Inspection Report templates
Export to MS Excel, XML and 2D PDF
Interface to Net-Inspect possible
Support for 2D PDF drawing revisions
Opening of DWG / DXF files
Import of measurement results from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs)
Export of measurement results in inspection reports and inspection drawings

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    FAQ - EMPB software

    Ideagen Quality Control

    Answers to frequently asked questions about our software

    FAQ Icon K2D-B-114
    Using FAI-software Ideagen Quality Control you can stamp various 2D files, such as PDF, TIF or DWG.

    The following files can be stamped with Ideagen Quality Control:
    • PDF
    • TIF
    • TIFF
    • DXF
    • DWG
    Yes, Ideagen Quality Control is licensed on a concurrent use basis (like a network licence). You can therefore set up the EMPB software from Ideagen on several computers. The number of users who can open the programme simultaneously depends on the number of subscriptions you have.
    The software subscription includes free online training for the Ideagen Quality Control software solution.

    In addition, we also offer face-to-face training at your premises or on our premises. We offer these trainings individually and charge you according to time and effort.
    Yes, the software Ideagen Quality Control can automatically store the following data:

    • Form 1 (part number verification) → Allocation of the part number
    • Form 2 (Product verification) → Product allocation - materials, processes and functions
    • Form 3 (feature verification) → Feature assignment and verification
    When a new software version is released, it updates itself Ideagen Quality Control automatically the next time the application is started.
    You don't have to decide right away, before you buy you can test the Ideagen Quality Control software for 14 days free of charge. Click here to download the test version. If you are interested in purchasing the software, we will be happy to make you a personal offer for its use. For this we need the following information from you:
    • Which file formats should be stamped?
    • Is an import of measurement results from CMMs desired?
    • How many users should be able to access the programme at the same time?
    Software bought and then? Download the software (test version = full version) and activate it by entering the serial number. After purchasing the software you will receive via e-mail:
    • Your download link
    • Your personal serial number with which you can unlock your version

    First steps with Ideagen Quality Control

    No, Ideagen Quality Control is a software provided via the Internet. To use the software you need a standard Windows PC with the current Windows Professional operating system.

    Operating system
    - Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise (64 bit)

    The use of Ideagen Quality Control at Apple/MAC OS is NOT supported!
    • 64-bit CPU: Dual Core Pentium or better, at least 3.0 GHz
    • At least 4GB RAM, better 6 GB RAM
    • 500 MB free hard disk space
    Operating system
    • Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise (64 bit)
    • The use of Ideagen Quality Control on virtual machines or in Citrix environments (desktop virtualisation) is NOT supported!
    • The use of Ideagen Quality Control at Apple/MAC OS is NOT supported!
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Google Chrome with ClickOnce for Chrome App installed
    • Mozilla Firefox with Microsoft.NET Framework Assistant Add-On installed
    • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015)
    • Microsoft.NET Framework Version 4.5 or higher
    • Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
    • Ideagen Quality Control contains an internal tool for creating tables: - If an unsupported spreadsheet is installed, Ideagen Quality Control will create a table file and open it with this programme. - If no spreadsheet is installed, Ideagen Quality Control will create a table file that can be opened on another computer.
    Network / Firewall
    • Whitelist HTTP Protocol port 443 "licensing.xctentitlements.com"
    • Whitelist HTTP Protocol port 80 "ondemand.inspectionxpert.com"
    • Recommended screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Yes, the initial sample inspection report software Ideagen Quality Control already contains a number of test plan templates, such as:

    • Test plan template: EMPB according to VDA
    • Test plan template: EMPB according to PPAP
    • Test plan template: EMPB according to AS9102
    • Test plan template: EMPB according to EN9102
    In addition, own templates for inspection plans can be used.
    Yes, with the Ideagen Quality Control Template Editor, you can create, edit and save your own test reports. The software allows you to convert your existing Excel documents into Ideagen Quality Control Integrate.
    There Ideagen Quality Control is a subscription, there are no follow-up costs. All updates, technical help and support as well as telephone customer service are free of charge. You only pay for the use of the software - annually or monthly. Just as you like.
    Yes, an internet connection is required for the first use in any case, as the software licence is retrieved via the internet. There is also the option of Ideagen Quality Control for a limited time even without an internet connection. Please contact us on this subject if internet access is not permanently available.

    Knowledge Base:
    Detailed help articles & support - Ideagen Quality Control.

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