KeyCreator Pro 2021 SP1 Release Notes

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Our partner Kubotek3D has released the new version 2021 SP1 of KeyCreator on 17 March 2021. The new version includes updates for CAD import interfaces, new functions and improvements. The KeyCreator CAD software was developed to make the reuse of CAD data more productive.

Updated CAD import interfaces

KeyCreator Pro now supports the latest versions of the following CAD formats:

  • Dassault CATIA V5 R2021x (R31)
  • Dassault SolidWorks 2021
  • Spatial ACIS 2021
  • Siemens NX Series 1926 (until Build 1946)
  • Siemens Solid Edge 2021 (and DFT- drawing file format added)
  • STEP AP 242 (export support added)
  • IFC 4
  • Kubotek KeyCreator 2021 Announcement.

Extensions of the drawing layout

Non-aligned function

In version 2021 SP1 of KeyCreator Pro, a new "Non-Aligned" function has been added to the drawing layout. The function can be used to remove the forced alignment to other views. The function is particularly useful for moving a dimensioned section view from the projected position at which it was created.

Phantom Line

In addition, the alignment of the views to each other is indicated by a highlighted phantom line.

Display on an associative view

When defining view instances, a new option has been added to fix the alignment of the display to an associative view from the model space. This function supports the rotation of the part in the model space without realigning in the drawing views.

Further improvements

KeyCreator 2021 SP1 also offers further time-saving improvements.

New transparency function for trim levels

The new transparency function for trim planes enables the visualisation of the cut model behind the trim plane. This feature, in combination with the transparency settings on solid or reference parts, allows users to see details within a complex assembly.

Unravel function

The "Rip" function has been extended by customer request to support the surface selection of volumes that are included as referenced components. This enables the quick creation of a copy of component or tool surfaces without having to open the reference component first for machining.

Foreground selection

In the system settings, a new function "Foreground selection" can be activated to prevent edges and surfaces in the interior or on the back of a component from being selected by mistake during a cursor selection.

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