First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

EMPB is an abbreviation for Initial Sample Inspection Report

Glossary article

Initial sample inspection report

Definition: The initial sample inspection report, or EMPB for short, is a central factor in the sampling process for the acceptance of production parts and products. One could also say that the EMPB is a kind of criteria catalogue in the production and acceptance of products.

Before a part can go into series production, the first parts produced under series conditions are presented to the customer. For the customer, the Initial sample inspection This is the first and last opportunity to carry out a quality check on the ordered goods before they go into serial production.

EMPB initial sample test report declaration

Designations and allocation

  • German designation:
    First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)
  • English designation:
    First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)
  • Standard set of norms and rules:
    VDA Volume 2 - Assuring the quality of deliveries

Purpose of an EMPB

With the initial sample inspection report, the supplier (subcontractor) can prove to the customer (manufacturer) that the delivered products meet the customer's specifications and quality requirements. In the EMPB, the customer informs the supplier of the target and the determined actual values of the product or production part. In addition, the initial sample inspection report summarises and documents all important information about the product, such as product requirements, quality and necessary tests.

Function of EMPBs

Thus, the initial sample inspection report serves to document the results of the initial samples according to the client's specifications before the series run. The informative value and complexity of initial sample inspection reports can vary.

Occasion of EMPBs

The reason for preparing an initial sample inspection report can be the following: New design, redesign or to check the manufacturer's quality. Depending on the agreement, initial sample inspection reports are created by both the supplier and the manufacturer (recipient).

In the event of a new production of the product concerned, this shall be carried out under the same conditions and shall be based on the initial sample.

Retention periods for initial sample inspection reports

The retention of initial sample inspection reports is governed by §257 para. 1 HGB and § 147 AO. As a rule, however, an archiving period of 10 years applies to initial sample inspection reports.

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