Create inspection reports in half the time. Use inspection reports according to VDA, PPAP, AS9102 or use your own templates.

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Do you still balloon your part drawings manually?

By automating inspection planning with InspectionXpert, our customers have been able to create their inspection reports up to 70% faster.

Initial sample inspection report software: Balloon your part drawings and extract the characteristics in one step. Create your first article inspection report.

Why InspectionXpert?

Your benefits with the inspection reports software InspectionXpert for automated inspection planning:


Balloon: Balloon and extract data

Digitally balloon inspection characteristics from PDF drawings and simultaneously capture the values | Formats.

• Detection of nominal values and associated tolerances.
Automatic detection of dimensional and geometrical tolerances.
Insert, delete, renumber and add inspection balloons.
Read in new drawing releases and adjust inspection characteristics.
Optical character recognition (OCR).

Collect: Import measurements

Read measurement values directly from hand-held measuring devices (calipers, dial gauges, etc.) into InspectionXpert.

Import measurement data records directly from your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and automatically assign the values to the corresponding inspection characteristic.


Report: Generate inspection reports

Create inspection reports with the provided standard templates (e.g. insepction reports for VDA, PPAP, AS9102) or use your own inspection report templates.

With the InspectionXpert template editor, you can create your own inspection report templates or customize your existing templates.

More efficiently to your goal

InspectionXpert offers you all the functions for an error-free and precise first article inspection report.


Time saving

Inspection planning and creation of inspection reports in a few minutes.



Alignment of drawing revisions shows changes at a glance. Make changes without having to start from scratch.


Measurement data

Automated input of measurement data instead of manual entry into tables.


Easy to use

Benefit from a short training period and intuitive operation.

InspectionXpert in action

Video: Watch how easy it is to balloon part drawings.

The first sample test report software InspectionXpert balloons your part drawings and simultaneously extracts the feature information.

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Areas of application

Industry sectors that rely on InspectionXpert.

InspectionXpert is tailored to the needs and challenges of the manufacturing industry - for OEMs and suppliers.