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Difference between PPF and PPAP

How the PPF procedure also, is PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) a procedure for ensuring quality, but the PPAP procedure is based on the American working group for supplier quality requirements (AIAG = Automotive Industry Action Group). Whereas PPF is based on the German automotive industry (VDA Volume 2).

Graph: Product creation

PPF-PPAP comparison differences

Table: Comparison PPF vs. PPAP

What are the differences or similarities between PPF and PPAP? The following table shows which stages (levels) of the PPAP process correspond to PPF and for which PPF contents there is no equivalent in PPAP (✘).


PPF contents


 Cover sheet for the PPF report18
1Test results for product release: (e.g. geometry, dimension, function, material (e.g. strength, physical properties), haptics, acoustics, odour, appearance, surface, reliability, EMC/ESD testing, electrical safety, etc.).9,
2Samples (number or delivery quantity by agreement)14
3Technical specifications (e.g. customer drawings, CAD data, specifications, approved design changes, short-circuit resistance, voltage protection, functional safety (FUSI), etc.).1,
4FMEA (product and process)4
5Design and development releases of the supplier with development responsibility according to agreement
6Proof of compliance with legal requirements, if agreed with the customer (e.g. environment, safety, recycling, country-specific certificates).17
 7Material data sheet per IMDS10
 8Software test report, process conformity
9 FMEA process6
 10Process flow diagram (manufacturing and test steps)5
11Production Control Plan7
 12Proof of process capability11
 13Proof of protection of special features17
 14Test substance list (product-specific)16
 15Test equipment capability study, where appropriate (result)11,
 16Tool overview (with number of pieces / number of nests and information on the tool concept)
 17Proof of achievement of the agreed capacity (process validation)
 18Written self-assessment of the criteria according to the matrix Assessment of readiness for series production for product and process
 19Parts history2
 20Proof of suitability of the means of transport used
 21Overview of the individual parts of the supply chain (vendor parts, set parts and house parts) with decision PPF
 22Release of coating system according to customer requirements
 PPAP 12 and 15 are not included in the PPF.

Documentation of the procedures

When the parts delivered for inspection are handed over, documents must be handed over that contain all the important information, tests and requirements. At the AIAG, one speaks of PSW (Part Submission Warrant) and at the VDA of EMPB (Initial sample inspection report).

VDA Volume 2: 2020 | 6th edition

In the 6th edition of VDA Volume 2, the template stages are dropped in order to better meet the requirements and individual wishes of the customer. Another innovation from VDA Volume 2 is the approximation of the PPF procedure to the PPAP procedure of the AIAG. In our Blog entry we describe the innovations and highlights of the 6th edition.

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